Malayalam Movie Manoharam Box Office Updates

Manoharam is a Malayalam Comedy-Drama movie starring Vineeth Sreenivasan and Aparna Das. The movie directed by Anvar Sadik recounts the story of a poster artist who struggles to find dignity in his life.

Box Office Collection

12 Days Gross

Day 1 (Kerala)74 Lakhs
Day 2 (Kerala)86 Lakhs
Day 3 (Kerala)94 Lakhs
Day 4 (Kerala)31 Lakhs
Day 5 (Kerala)54 Lakhs
Day 6 (Kerala)68 Lakhs
Day 7 (Kerala)28 Lakhs
Day 8 (Kerala)16 Lakhs
Day 9 (Kerala)22 Lakhs
Day 10 (Kerala)48 Lakhs
Day 11 (Kerala)24 Lakhs
Day 12 (Kerala)17 Lakhs
Kerala Gross5.62 Crores

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